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Net Solutions is a leading systems Integration firm with staff that are well experienced in the IT industry. Our Commitment to Excellence provides each client with superior technical expertise groomed by years of experience, with the time frame they demand.

About Net Solutions

Net Solutions is a leading reseller of pre-certified solutions. Our inventory includes the full line of IBM Prodect and Services, HP, Dell Products and Services, Cisco, Oracle and Micro Soft Solutions. We also carry the latest in tape libraries, disks, monitor and large printers All systems are extensively tested to provide our clients with the highest quality products.

Our Commitment

Net Solutions appreciates our loyal customers and strive to keep them completely satisfied. We provide our clients with systems that are completely eligible for the original manufacturer's warranty and maintenance agreements. This entitles our clients to keep the same level of service from their existing maintenance provider. Our client's complete satisfaction is our number one goal.

Our Vision

One of the wonderful things about starting any new venture is the freedom to have big ideas, breathe life into them, and build them from scratch. That freedom is appealing, but exist practically speaking, for relatively few.

Until now.

Because whether you're two friends tinkering in a garage, or you work inside one of then most venerable enterprise on earth, the rise of globally connected world offers a truly new opportunity; the chance to start something totally new. This is what we believe at Net Solutions. And it is the good ideas we are taking to customers (and pursuing ourselves)-- how to seize this unique moment and, rethink what you do, reconceived what you offer and, along the way, reinvent who you are.

When you do business with Net Solutions you are dealing with a company you can trust. Since it was founded, the company has enjoyed a reputation for highly professional delivery with expertise in many areas of the Information Technology industry.

Our vision is to continue this unparallel success in partnering with our clients to provide cost affective, sound solutions. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in the market place. With a range of Technical partners with international reputation and an Engineering and Marketing team with proven success, Net Solutions is capable of meeting the high demands from our client while maintaining the highest level of quality control.

Our commitment is personal as well as corporate. We care about what we do to improve the quality of the solution delivered to clients. We pledge to forge responsible, technological advances through good management as a company dedicated to tomorrow.

Your Business is Our Business